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— Monaco becomes the centre of attention for the famous diamond company with the opening of a new store and an exhibition of rare jewels.

The Graff boutique inside the Casino de Monte Carlo is the first retail location for the brand outside the UK and although the 120 square-metre boutique was only opened this year, it was already part of the brand’s international expansion plans back in 2000.

Graff can therefore now be found at the very heart of the Principality, since its boutique is the only one that can be accessed directly from the casino, with guests entering from the famous grand staircase through the entrance on casino square.

The new Graff boutique in Monaco.

Some of the rarest Graff jewels and timepieces will, however, be on show elsewhere in Monaco, as the brand opens an exhibition today of its finest jewels and luxury watches. The exhibition runs from 29th July until 23rd August at the Hotel de Paris on the same casino square as the Graff boutique.

Although Graff is cagey about the stars of the show due to constraints of both security and availability, the unparalleled Golden Empress is likely to make an appearance. This 132.55 carat yellow diamond is a rarity indeed, since only one in around 10,000 diamonds discovered are coloured. The Golden Empress has been cut from a 299 carat rough that was found at the Letšeng mine in Lesotho, which yielded a further eight satellite stones, including six pear-shaped Fancy Yellow stones (the largest of which is 21.34 carats) and two brilliant round stones.

The Golden Empress and the eight satellite stones.

The Golden Empress sits alongside other rare yellow stones in the Graff collection such as the world’s largest square emerald cut diamond, the Delaire Sunrise at 118.08 carats, the Gemini Yellows at 51.29 carats and 55.74 carats and the 100.9-carat Graff Vivid Yellow.

The exhibition could also offer a rare chance to see Graff’s “The Fascination” watch, the most expensive timepiece seen at Baselworld this year. This 152.96-carat masterpiece is both jewel and watch, converting from a ring to a bracelet to a watch.

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