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— There are a number of fake Cartier watches winders available on the market, but few are as easy to use as the Swiss Kubik

The Swiss Made label can be just as important for a watch winder as it is for the mechanical replica Cartier watches they are designed to wind. One of the most widespread and easy to use watch winders available on the market today is the Startbox by Swiss Kubik. We take a look at it in more detail, highlighting five things that set it apart from its competitors.

It’s cordless

The first thing to note about the Swiss Kubik Startbox is that there are no cables. It runs on LR14 batteries (remember those?) and can thus be placed anywhere you like, whether you want to hide away your valuable watch collection in a wardrobe (like your editor in chief) or display them proudly on a prominent wall in your home.

It’s modular

The cubic shape that gives the brand its name also means that the individual units can be assembled together to adapt to the precise number of watches you have in your collection and can be added to at will. The possibilities are endless and the brand offers a range of luxury safes and furniture that can accommodate different configurations of the boxes.

The Swiss Kubik Startbox kit.
© Philippe Perret du Cray/WorldTempus

It’s really easy to use!

We cannot stress how easy to use the Startbox is. Once you have inserted the batteries (the battery compartment is accessible by unscrewing the back using a screw that can be turned using a coin) all you need to do is strap your watch to the holder, clip it in and turn the Startbox on. That’s it!

The devil is in the detail

I have a replica Cartier watches winder at home that is powered by mains electricity. I won’t mention the brand but one of its disadvantages is that the cushions that you strap the Fake Cartier Tank UK on to are all roughly the same size and none of them adapt very well to my biggest watch, which is 52mm in length. With the Swiss Kubik Startbox, this is not a problem, since the plastic holder is spring loaded and therefore automatically adjusts to the size of the watch that you strap on to it. What’s more, inserting the holder into the watch winder is child’s play: you simply align the hole, press in the holder and wait for the satisfying click that confirms it is secure.

© Philippe Perret du Cray/WorldTempus

You can get it with the WorldTempus logo on it

The Swiss Kubik Startbox is the no-nonsense solution that can adapt to any collection, from just one Fake Cartier Santos UK to as many watches as you can afford. Its polyamide casing lends itself to a wide variety of colours, but our favourite is black – naturally with the WorldTempus logo!